background for wedding photos

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  • Any Background 2.10

    Bored of your inanimate desktop? Tired of changing background regularly? Or getting messed up with your growing collection of backgrounds? Try Any
  • Zip Background 1

    Immediately get any background information including full address and phone, full financial records History, and full personal government
  • Background 1.1

    Launch programs with background CPU and I/O priority. Features * Specify I/O priority from a command prompt or shortcut. This project is
  • Background Color Aid 1.0

    Background Color Aid makes choosing the right background color for that special page actually fun. Check out this neatlittle program with its many
  • Background Remover 3.2

    You will find some situations where you would like to do more with your pictures. Would it not be cool if you could do away with that dull background?
  • Background MP3 Encoder 1.1.1

    Background MP3 Encoder encodes/resamples WAV and MP3 files to MP3 files in the background. The program monitors the folders you choose, and when a
  • Background Manager 2

    Set a different picture for each day of week, choose from Tile stretch or center picture format. Automatically changes your picture for each day of
  • Matrix Background 5

    Enter Matrix through your Desktop and keep Desktop functional !
  • Idle Background 1.0

    Idle Background is a new software program that will change your desktop background to specific images listed on the main window. The images are
  • Background Optimizer 1.4

    Background Optimizer is an easy-to-use tweaker that can boost your computer performance by defragmentation, clean it from junk and do antivirus check.
  • Background Boss 2

    Background Boss 2 brings you an easy way to manage your computer's Desktop background. It will automatically change your Wallpaper and set the color
  • CSS Background Maker 1.0

    CSS Background Maker is a great and innovative tool for Counter-Strike Source. This program changes the Counter-Strike Source background to whatever
  • Background Communicator 3.4.3

    Background Communicator is a voice-chat program designed to work in background mode. You may use it, for example, to speak with your friends when
  • Background Wizard 1.01

    Small app to put background bitmaps inside Windows Folders. Supports templates (load/save), it's fast and very easy to
  • Email To Background 1.0

    You just enter e-mail address to a one field form hit the button and get all the information you want including real address, phone number, age, real
  • Background Changer 7

    Background Changer was created as a simple and easy-to-use software utility that can change your desktop wallpaper.Desktop Background Changer is
  • Background Creator 1.0

    Background Creator enables you to customize the background, it brings a higher image quality than the Windows
  • My Toolbar Background 1.0

    With My Toolbar Background you can create a gradient background and set it as Windows Explorer (and My Computer) toolbar background in less then the
  • Random BackGround 1.4.3

    Random BackGround is a SlideShow tool for Windows 95 and above with features to rival Windows 7. With Random BackGround, you can select a folder of
  • Background Magic 1.18

    Background Magic is a shareware program that allows anyone to create unique, high-quality seamless Backgrounds and left Border backgrounds with
  • Daedrasoft Background 1.1

    This program is to be used for setting an image as a desktop or folder background. It is very easy to use it. - setting the stated image as a
  • Background Cycler 1.0.0

    Background Cycler it's a simple and lightweight wallpapers cycler for Microsoft operating
  • Cs 1.6 Background Maker 1.0

    Now you can set your desire picture as background of cs 1.6 by using inclusive program Cs 1.6 Background Maker. Now it includes Zip Files Function
  • CS Background Maker 1.0

    This is my CS background creator/changer Pick a picture, the program will resize it, keeping the quality (or try to)Choose the resoluction you want
  • RAJK cs background.atn 1.0

    "RAJK cs background.atn" is a custom PhotoSHOP CS2 action for making your own startup background image in CounterStrike 1.6.Maybe it works in other
  • Mihov Background Tester 0.6

    Mihov Background Tester is a graphical program that can help web developers and home users. It is designed to help preview background images as one
  • Background Check Software 1.0

    Background Check Software - Gain access to Unrestricted, Unlimited People Searches using 100% legal and easy to navigate databases and data centers.
  • Easy Background Remover 1.0

    Easy Background Remover 1.0 allows the user to extract portion of an image with ease. Remove the background from scanned pages in different colors.
  • Library - Background Skies v.1 1.0

    This great textures collection for the software line ? 3D GeniuX? adds 115 high - resolution background skies. A great source of realistic skies for
  • Folder Background Changer 1.0

    The handy software application Folder Background Changer is used for easily changing background of folder. It has user friendly interface that is very
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  • Advanced Wedding Organizer 1

    Advanced wedding Organizer 1 is a rather praiseworthy program that is designed to simplify your wedding preparation process. It will help you to manage all information concerning your coming wedding such as wedding gift
  • Wedding Slideshow Studio 1.36

    You have lots of wedding photos, video clips, and want to show them on big TV screen with a DVD Player on your wedding party? You can do it by yourself (DIY) absolutely. wedding Slideshow Studio is such a photo
  • Smart Wedding 1.0

    Easily organize the details of your wedding from beginning to happily ever after. Smart wedding 4.0 wedding software makes it easy to take complete control over your wedding details. Create an everlasting memento and
  • Anvsoft Wedding Album Maker 1.23

    wedding Album Maker enables you to make professional-looking wedding photo slideshow. It is a user friendly photo slideshow tool that is used for creating wedding photo album with background music,Zoom and transition
  • My Wedding Toolbar 1.9

    My wedding Toolbar 1.9 is a potential and easy to use add on which is designed specially for Internet Explorer. Firefox version also available. All your favorite wedding links, wedding info, bride's chat, search,
  • Happy Wedding Interactive CD-ROM 1.03

    Happy wedding Interactive CD-ROM can help you create your wedding CD all by yourself.You can add bride name and groom name,insert photos,add music and Lock the
  • T-Minus Wedding Countdown 6.0

    Count down the time to the most special day of your life. Play our wedding March or insert your wedding song as background music! Because your wedding day goes so quickly, our countdown clock will help you extend the joy
  • iDo Wedding and Event Professional Editi 9.5

    iDo wedding and Event Professional Edition is wedding Planning Software for wedding consultants and event planners. It comes with the power of iDo wedding Couple Edition on an infinite scale. Plan as many weddings and
  • 2D-3D Photo (tm) 1.2

    This program rapidly converts an ordinary photo to a 3D model for one-off lenticular printing. 2D-3D Photo is perfect for creating school photos, wedding photos, team sports photos, frame portraits and 3D ID cards. It is
  • Wedding Dash 4-Ever

    Gear up for another busy wedding season! Quinn's mom unexpectedly arrives in town and shakes up Quinn's home, business, and love life. With her mom making suggestions at every turn, Quinn manages more wedding than ever
  • Wedding Dash 2 for Mac 1.0

    Quinn is back on a new whirlwind adventure, joined by Flo and Joe Wright, wedding photographer. Help Quinn become the world's top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game wedding Dash! Visit beautiful,
  • Wedding Plans 2.4

    This is a must plans makes planning your wedding easy with a pleasant graphical display.Lots of program features like quick links, built in address book, built in bridal party list, custom rehearsal reminder
  • IP Wedding Planner 1.01

    IP wedding Planner is a personal wedding planner for windows. Use it to record your wedding suppliers, tasks and costs. Monitor your progress with quick
  • Happy Wedding Screensaver 1.0

    Are you getting ready for your Special Day? You still have lots of Things To Do and are completely swirled in a chaos of wedding preparations? Sit down for a minute and relax watching this fascinating free Happy wedding
  • The Organized Wedding 7.30.0001

    Now you can organize wedding according to your desires by using inclusive software The Organized wedding. It makes you relax by making your planning faster, easier, and less stressful. With this program, you can arrange
  • Wedding Makeup 5.6

    Look your absolute best for your wedding day. It is important that your makeup look its absolute best for your wedding day. Whether you plan to marry on a beach at noon or at night under the stars, you will look and
  • Easy Wedding 2.25

    The wedding is in fact the most important moment of every one life that why the handy wedding Planner program is designed so that you plan everything efficiently. This is nine step systems that you can use for arranging
  • Wedding Dress Up 1.0

    wedding Dress Up 2010 is a great entertaining way for when you imagine what would your wedding-dress looked like if you were a bride? wedding Dress Up 2010 lets you dress-up a pretty bride for a wedding you would
  • Wedding Dash 1.0

    Help Quinn make wedding bells ring! Featuring the hilarious ups and downs of wedding day drama, wedding Dash incorporates the plate-spinning fun from the Diner Dash series with the added challenge of pulling off the
  • Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love! for Mac 1.0

    Love is in the air as Cupid visits DinerTown and Quinn starts planning her OWN wedding. With the magic of Cupid's love arrows, anything can happen! Match the right guests together at the new cocktail tables to earn a
  • Vinci Photo Collage 3.2

    Vinci Photo Collage enables you to create photo collage, scrapbook, photo calendars, greeting cards, baby announcements, wedding photos and other artwork from your digital photos. It's almost a must-have tool if you
  • Who is getting married 1.2

    View weddings around the world. Please note that there will not be a wedding going on all the time. Good time to see a wedding in the UK seems to be Friday or Saturday. But ocassionally there will be weddings on other
  • Dream Day Wedding - Viva Las Vegas 1.0

    Plan a Dream Day wedding in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Juggle important tasks while discovering the perfect items to deliver an elegant and flawless wedding. Complete over 60 wedding challenges in vibrant Vegas
  • WizardAlbum

    WizardAlbum is an easy-to-use software which allows you to create an amazing wedding photo album with background music, professional transition effects. With WizardAlbum, you can quickly and easily produce
  • WizardAlbum Profession Eiditon

    WizardAlbum is an easy-to-use software which allows you to create an amazing wedding photo album with background music, professional transition effects. With WizardAlbum, you can quickly and easily produce
  • Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World for Mac 1.0

    Quinn is back on a new whirlwind adventure, joined by Flo and Joe Wright, wedding photographer. Help Quinn become the world's top wedding planner in this hilarious sequel to the hit game wedding Dash. Visit beautiful,
  • Wedding Dash 2-Rings Around the World 1.0

    wedding Dash 2-Rings around the World is a strategy casual video game. The player alternates between Quinn, the wedding planner and Joe the photographer. Besides having to keep the bride and groom from seeing any of the
  • Wedding Guest Tracker 1.0

    The wedding Guest Tracker is a program designed to help you keep track of all your invited guests to your
  • Perfect Day: Free Deluxe Wedding Planner 1.04

    Many brides start planning their wedding using pen and paper, possibly the worst medium to use for a long-term project in which change is inevitable. No matter how tidy you keep your pen and paper wedding plan, it is
  • Slideshow Movie Producer 1.8

    Do you have a lot of digital photos? Do you want to turn them into a professional movie with a lot of effects and background music? It is really easy to do it with this program! You friends will highly evaluate the